We Are Charter!

Join CSAN and reap the rewards while supporting the Charter Community.

What is CSAN?
The Charter School Association of Nevada is an organization that helps promote the mission of all Charter schools in Nevada. Our goal is to support and promote quality educational standards in chapter schools through professional development, public advocacy and public awareness.

Membership Types

Corporate/Business – $2,500
Non-Profit Organization – $1,500
All benefits of an Individual Membership, PLUS:
*Listing in Business Directory
*Exhibitors Table at Conference
*Ad in Charter School Guide
*Access to School Representatives
*Opportunity to advertise in Newsletter
*Opportunity for Sponsorships

Less than 700 students – $650
Greater than 700 students – $1,000
*All benefits of Individual & Business Membership, PLUS:
*CSAN advocacy support

Individual – $500
*Business Directory Listing for 1 year
*Registration to Annual Conference
*Invite to CSAN Receptions
*Invite to CSAN Events
*CSAN Newsletters
*Vote for General Membership CSAN

Business Directory Listing -Only- $250
*Business Directory Listing for 1 year

Parent Memberships – See below!

Membership Types

Parent Memberships

What do I get for being a member?
Being a member of Charter has huge benefits! In addition to helping move forward the charter community.  Here’s just a few of the upcoming benefits that you will get.

Upcoming Free Events
November – Children’s Museum Charter Day
December – Free Movie night (Regal)
January – Ice Skating charter Day (Free Skating)
February – Jeff Civillico Comedy in Action
March – Free Bowling at Red Rock Station

Exclusive Discounts
Lion Habitat Ranch – 50% off entry
Uniform store – 20% off of uniform purchases
Shark Reef – Buy one get one admission
Children’s Museum – Buy one get one admission
Cowabunga Bay – $30 off season pass
And More Added Daily.

How does CSAN help Charter Schools?

The funds received from your membership go directly to efforts to push charter schools forward. Lobbying efforts to increase funding, public relations to promote charter, training for educators, and other initiatives are all paid through this membership and have a direct influence on your child’s educational experience. Become a member today and help the charter mission!

Membership options:
$20 per month or

$200 for the year if paid up front

Membership Options